Welcome to Rue Chicken Limited

Rue Chicken Limited, was founded in 2008, the company is owned and managed by Mr Jewru Touray, a poultry enthusiast with ten years business experience in Atlanta, USA. Seasoned professionals run the poultry with back up technical expertise from Zimbabwe, Italy, The United States and Belgium.

Our modern poultry production unit comes with a complete set of hatchery, incubators, complete line of slaughterhouse and package line. Our production unit which is state of the art is located in
Latriya Village, Kombo North area of Western Region of the Gambia.



Broiler day old chicks

We provide day old chickens from the breed, white-led-horn. The origin of the day old chicks is very save, because we use hatching eggs from top breeders in the US, such as Morris Hatchery and Dutch Hatcheries.

Later day old chicks

We can deliver Rod Island Red (RIR) day old chickens. The day old chickens are produced in our hatchery in Latriya. The chicks are vaccinated and delivered to customers

Chicken feed

Normally-maturing chick (i.e., breeds which mature in about 6 months, such as egg-layers) will eat about 2 pounds of starter feed in its first 6 weeks of life. The white-led-horn which is used for meat, will need about 3.5 Kilos of starter feed in its first 4 days of life. (These breeds are bred to grow extremely rapidly, and are harvested at 8 Weeks of age.)

It is important, and enjoyable, to determine how much feed your flock is consuming. Begin keeping records of amount, type and price of all feed you purchase, the day you receive your first chicks. Be sure to record both the measured amount of feed as well as its weight. Include the number and ages of chickens you have, right in the same page as the feed recognized.

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